Sound system for hire


Available for rental with audio technician, a full 3000 watt public address system which is suitable for 100 to 400 guests depending upon venue and other variables. The system can be expanded to suit larger venues or larger outdoor events.

MG24/14FX Yamaha audio mixer with dual effects

2 powered 15″ JBL subwoofers

2 passive 15″ JBL subwoofer

2 RCF 12” x 1” powered mid / high speakers

4 12” angled floor monitors with separate mixes

2 ART pro EQ341 dual 15 band equalizers

6 Vocal mics

2 SM57 Shure instrument mics

2 C1000S AKG all purpose condenser mics

1 F2 Audix kick drum mic

1 F5 Audix snare / instrument mic

2 Passive D.I.’s

100 Ft. audio snake

1 tripod with 4 L.E.D. stage lights

For rates and available dates contact Theo at

Leave a message or text 250-619-8882

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