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theoTheo Massop is a west coast Canadian singer songwriter whose musical journey has taken him from church choirs to dance halls, night clubs, festivals and concert venues. His first album “Voyager” gained him three charting singles in Canada, critical acclaim and international radio play. His next album “Choices” again received Canadian and international radio airplay, as well as charting on various independent campus / community radio programs. His most recent album “The Answer” under the name Theo Massop & BoodAbooM has  been aired and sold around the world as well.

Tom Harrison of the Vancouver Province newspaper said, “Massop is an able folk/pop writer. His songs have a contemporary polish and a measure of sophistication. He writes homilies with a rock edge whose wisdom occasionally hits the ground like a hundred pound rail.”

Brian Hazelbower, CHLY radio programmer said, “There are ten solid rockin’ tunes on Theo’s CD ‘Choices’ and they all have something to say. I have dubbed it, thinkin’ man’s music.”

Michael Baginski, reviewer for The Entertainer magazine said, “Massop’s strengths lie in intelligent lyrics, catchy mid-tempo songs and ballads.”

Victoria Times Colonist newspaper, John Hogbin wrote, “Massop has a pleasing voice and he takes the trouble to let the listener understand what he’s singing.”

Aaron Bethune of “Play it Loud Music” is quoted as saying;

“Theo is a true talent among songwriters and performers. His songs represent his listeners and tell stories that need to be heard. He’s starting a revolution! When music comes from a place of truth it cuts through and demands your attention, Theo’s music is a great example of just that. Theo is dedicated, honest, consistent, persistent, talented and prolific, the kind of artist I enjoy working with.” March 23, 2012

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